Cornwall Park

[Picnic at Cornwall Park]

It was a good sunny weekend, and my cousins took us out for a picnic at Cornwall Park.

[We can see One Tree Hill from here]

[Judging by the crowd, people here definitely loves the sun]

[Yup, it was a lazy Sunday afternoon]


[Joaquin decided to take a nap too]

[Vast open space for activities of all sorts]

[We brought a ball here for a kickabout]

[Let’s do this!]

[Nice green grass everywhere]

[Joaquin signalling with his hands how big he thinks this place is]

[Some kids walking their dog, Joaquin thinks it’s Bolt]


  1. Luci

    Wakin grows pretty fast. How old is he now??

  2. Luci

    Eh the place takde taik anjing meh?

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