Mission Bay

[A popular residential suburb]

Mission Bay is a seaside residential suburb to the East of Auckland City. A favourite spot for joggers with walkways lining the side of the road along the coast line.

[Large field area]

Like many other suburbs, it has a very well maintained park reserve for family activities… which is one of the reason for our trip here.

[Children’s playground]

[Kids on the turn wheel]

[Joaquin trying out one of the obstacles]

They even have playground facilities for the disabled here.

[The Liberty Swing]

[Kids and parents lining up for the mini flying fox]

[And away he goes…]

[Joaquin running around the mazy platform]

[I’m LOST!!!]

[Liberty doing the monkey swing]

Just across the road from the field, there is a good stretch of beach where you can sit back and enjoy the view.

[The beach]

[Sail boats not too far away]

[A couple paddling their way to shore]

[View of the city skyline and the sun setting from the beach]


  1. knfk

    Feeling like you’re permanently visiting a holiday destination eh?

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