Hamilton Gardens

Hamilton Garden
[Hamilton Gardens]

It was approximately a month ago that we visited Hamilton. Any visit to Hamilton would not be complete without stopping by at the famous Hamilton Gardens. If you think the parks in Auckland are huge, think again.

Hamilton Garden

Hamilton Gardens is located at the southern end of Hamilton City, covering an area of 58 hectares. Because it is a public park owned and managed by the local city council, admission is free.

Hamilton Garden

The place is so huge, we’ve only got enough time to visit the Paradise Garden collection which consists of 6 gardens (Chinese Scholars Garden, English Flower Garden, Japanese Garden of Contemplation, American Modernist Garden, Italian Renaissance Garden and the Indian Char Bagh Garden), each with its own unique design philosophy.

Japanese Garden Of Contemplation
[Japanese Garden Of Contemplation]

Chinese Scholars Garden
[Chinese Scholars Garden]

Celestial Yuan of Taihu (bronze turtle)
[Celestial Yuan of Taihu]

Celestial Yuan of Taihu (bronze turtle), overlooking (if I’m not mistaken) the Waikato River.

[Lots of flowers everywhere]

Indian Char Bagh Garden
[More flowers at the Indian Char Bagh Garden]

Arched Trellis at the Renaissance Garden
[Arched Trellis at the Renaissance Garden]

Capitoline she-wolf with Romulus and Remus
[Capitoline she-wolf with Romulus and Remus]

According to Roman mythology, the twin babies, Romulus and Remus, were thrown into the Tiber River, which carried them to Platine where they were suckled by a she-wolf before they were found and raised by a shepherd.

Italian Renaissance Garden
[Italian Renaissance Garden]

By the time we walked out of the Paradise Garden section, it felt like half a day had gone by. And as we were on a tight 1 day trip, we made our exit, enroute to Hobbiton.

Link: http://www.hamiltongardens.co.nz


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